High-level CO2 storage capacity study on a depleted gas field


Project goal

To perform a study to understand CO2 storage capacity on a depleted gas field.


Oil and gas operator


A gas processing plant and proposed Ammonia plant needing to deal with their CO2 emissions


Onshore Australia

CO2Tech challenge

CO2Tech were tasked with quickly appraising a depleted gas field for potential CO2 storage.

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Why CO2Tech

CO2Tech have nearly 20 years of experience of delivering projects to the Australian Standard for geological storage of carbon dioxide (AS ISO 27914:2019).

CO2Tech have experienced technical experts that have actually worked on geological sequestration projects so can provide advice that is relevant to commercial CCS projects and based on real world experience.

What we did

CO2Tech extensively reviewed and provided recommendations on:

The result

Indicative capacity of depleted gas field for CO2 storage

Potential for extending CO2 storage in nearby saline aquifers

Data gaps and key risks

Recommendations on future steps



CO2Tech provided significant cost-savings to the client when compared to performing the same task in-house.

Independent verification

CO2Tech provided the client with an expert independent analysis that they could use to progress their CO2 emissions abatement plans quickly and efficiently.

Capacity estimation

CO2Tech provided the client confidence and expert analysis that their strategy of CO2-abatement through CO 2 storage was feasible with sufficient storage capacity.

Rapid results

CO2Tech had the expertise and experience to quickly turn around  the clients’ request within 4-week timeframe.

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