Case Study – Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Steel Production

Project goal

To identify options available to the steel industry to reduce its CO2 emissions.


Iron and Steel manufacturer/State Government



A steel manufacturing plant needing to deal with their CO2 emissions and evaluate best options for CO2 utilisation and/or sequestration



Onshore Australia
Field trials

CO2Tech Challenge

CO2Tech were tasked with assessing innovative technologies to reduce emissions from an integrated steel mill including feasibility on carbon utilisation and sequestration options.

Why CO2Tech

CO2Tech had the expertise and experience to not only help reduce emissions but also includes energy efficiency improvement measures, carbon capture, utilisation and storage and the use of low emission technology such as hydrogen in steel making.

What we did

CO2Tech extensively reviewed and provided recommendations on:

    • Provided evaluation of emerging technologies to reduce emissions from an integrated steel making facility,
    • Understanding the potential to reduce emissions by proposing options for steel plant waste gases utilisation,
    • Evaluate CO2 capture options from all major emission sources at plant,
    • Assess viability of various transport and storage options for captured CO2.

    The result

    Coal will continue to be used in steel making beyond 2050 or in net zero emission scenario's. Therefore, CCUS holds a significant position in reducing emissions from integrated steel plants

    Characterisation of emissions from steel making and utilising technologies that will help energy efficiency and emission reduction

    Two global initiative recommendations were included to help reduce future emissions

    Options of using steel plant waste gas for producing value added chemicals. The economic viability depends on market price of the product and availability cost of renewable energy

    Emission roadmap to implement emission reduction measures in steel making

    Concept of CO2 transport hub will reduce the cost of CO2 transport by 40-50%


    Reducing emissions

    CO2Tech provided significant information and roadmap to reduce steel making emissions.

    Alternate competitive usage

    CO2Tech provided the client with an expert analysis of using steel plant waste gas for producing value added chemicals and the use of hydrogen.

    Emissions roadmap

    CO2Tech provided the client with the technical analysis needed to implement emission reduction technologies and an implementation roadmap.

    Cost/Benefit analysis

    CO2Tech provided detailed information on waste gas utilisation pathways, CO2 reduction and waste gas utilisation power generation vs biochemical process. CO2Tech provided options of CO2 transport including feasibility of using truck and pipelines.

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