CO2CRC launches technical advisory and consultancy services company – CO2Tech

CO2CRC’s Chief Executive, David Byers, announced today that CO2CRC has established a wholly-owned subsidiary company, CO2Tech Pty Ltd (‘CO2Tech’).

“We have established CO2Tech to meet the growing customer need for multi-disciplinary technical consultation, advisory and project management services across the whole CCUS value chain.” said Mr Byers.

CO2Tech will have access to the Otway International Test Centre (OITC) and CO2CRC’s expertise via commercial agreements.

“CO2Tech will allow CO2CRC Limited to offer our industry partners and customers, tailored solutions while preserving commercial confidentiality.

“CO2Tech will be pleased to work with industry customers to help them achieve their emissions reductions goals by applying individualised technologies and techniques that result in lower costs for capturing, storing or utilising CO2.”

“It is an exciting era for CCUS at international, national and industry levels. CCUS has been identified as a priority technology under the government’s Technology Investment Roadmap

“CO2CRC will continue to partner with world leading researchers, international industry and Australian Federal and State Governments on its traditional collaborative research model to advance the deployment of CCUS. This includes contributing to the achievement of the Australian Federal Government’s long-term stretch goal for CCS ($20 per tonne for CO2 compression, transport and storage).” he said