Field trials

Field trials

Testing innovative well and surface-based technologies

  • Seismic acquisition
  • Bottomhole and wellhead tools
  • Wirelines

Well integrity

Experience in Field scale experiments in deep or shallow wellbore for mitigating well integrity issues

Experience in Field Trials

  • Field-testing Helically Wound Cables (HWC) for monitoring CO2 underground.
    • Procurement and installation of HWC fibre optic cable under different test conditions
    • Data acquisition using straight fibre optics and HWCs
    • Testing the impact of seasonal variations on the performance of HWCs
    • Field evaluation of various HWC and fibre-optic cables for CO2 monitoring and storage
  • Validation of emerging performance and assurance monitoring technologies such as u-tubes, tracer, pressure tomography and DAS for the deep and near surface environments

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