Monitoring and Verification Solutions

Storage monitoring and surveillance design, implementation, interpretation and integration
  • On-demand monitoring solutions
  • Continuous subsurface monitoring solutions
  • Automated and Machine Learning solutions
  • In-zone, above zone, risk-targeted
  • Risk based and fit-for-purpose solutions, suitable for effective decision making
Acquisition types
  • Digital core analysis
  • Seal capacity analysis
  • Geochemical analysis: batch reaction & core-flooding
  • Geomechanical testing
  • Log interpretation
Surface Orbital Vibrator as part of a CO<sub>2</sub> monitoring and verification plan
Monitoring and Verification Plan Development or Review
  • Containment Risk Assessment
  • Reviewed against the Australian Standard for geological storage of CO2 (AS ISO27914:2019)
  • Remediation Plans
  • Fit for purpose monitoring plans
  • Confirm long term containment of stored CO2


  • The review, assessment and verification of the Gorgon Joint Venture’s program for the injection and monitoring of CO2
  • Quantitative risk assessment and reactive transport modelling for Chevron Australia
  • Two decades of design, implementation and analysis of M&V solutions at the Otway International Test Centre

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